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This is a multiple pocket outdoor brochure holder to hold informational literature at an aquatic center. The display measures 81"wide x 48"high and the backer is made from color acrylic - we have a wide variety of colors to choose from! The back has a printed logo on the top and features an optional, removable roof cover piece to keep rain out. There are 27 pockets on this display, each pocket measuring 8.625"wide x 1"deep x 11"high. The pockets are made from clear .177 Impact Resist acrylic to prevent breakage, and feature thumbnotches on top for people to easily remove papers, and open corners in the bottom for easy cleanout.

Part #26874 Multi-Pocket Wallmount Informational Literature Display

Acrylic Outdoor Literature Holder
Acrylic Literature Holder with Blue Acrylic Back

Acrylic Literature Holder with Green Acrylic Back